In the State of Florida, weapons - firearm charges are serious crimes. It is illegal to conceal a firearm without a proper license, but if you have the proper permit you may carry a concealed firearm. However, even when you have a license, violating any restriction may result in you still facing legal obstacles, including criminal charges.

Being arrested with a firearm without the proper permit or license is a whole different situation. The ramifications of weapons charges under this condition is extremely serious; especially if you are arrested with firearm during the course of another crime.

The Law Offices of John Gillespie represents the legal rights of those who require experienced legal services relating crimes involving a firearm or deadly weapon, as well as criminal offenses which do not involve a firearm or deadly weapon including, but not limited to:

  • Aggravated Assault
  • Aggravated Battery
  • Firearm Licensing Violations
  • Murder - Manslaughter
  • Improper Exhibition of a Firearm
  • Unlawful Discharge of a Firearm
  • Firearm Possession by a Convicted Felon
  • Armed Burglary
  • Armed Robbery
  • Armed Sexual Assault
  • Armed Trespass
  • Armed Kidnapping
  • Domestic Violence
  • Airport Arrests
  • Stalking
  • Federal Firearm Crimes

When certain felony crime charges include the use of a firearm it is important to know that the State of Florida has the 10-20-Life Statute (775.087) which mandates:
  • A minimum 10 year prison term for certain felonies, or attempted felonies in which the offender possesses a firearm or destructive device;
  • A minimum 20 year prison term when the firearm is discharged;
  • A minimum 25 years to LIFE if someone is injured or killed;
  • A minimum 3 year prison term for possession of a firearm by a felon;
  • The minimum prison term is to be served consecutively to any other term of imprisonment imposed.

When charged with a Weapon - Firearm Crime it is important to be made fully aware of your legal rights, defense strategies, and to have aggressive, detailed, and dedicated criminal defense legal representation in your corner. Hiring an experienced weapon - firearm charge defense attorney may provide you the best opportunity to achieve your desired outcome, or a fair and reasonable resolution.