The State of Florida has very strict laws regarding sexual based criminal offenses, especially when a sex crime is committed against a minor. It is a given that allegations of many sex crime cases end up receiving public attention. Add in the aggressive efforts of law enforcement and prosecutors to achieve a conviction in sex crime cases, it may seem like an insurmountable task to successfully overcome.

The only way to level the playing field to give you the best possible opportunity to achieve a successful resolution is to seek the legal advice and representation of experienced legal counsel.

Being arrested or charged with a sex crime does not automatically mean a conviction is a forgone conclusion. You do have legal rights, including the right to have your story told in the defense of criminal allegations.

Many individuals each year are wrongfully accused of sex crimes throughout the United States. Our duty as your attorney is to vigorously fight for you in an effort to ensure you do not fall victim to a legal system which is under tremendous political and social pressure to convict anyone who is indicted for a sex crime.

Sexual offense charges may include, but are not limited to:

  • Molestation;
  • Lewd Acts with Child;
  • Child Pornography;
  • Sodomy;
  • Spousal Rape / Marital Rape;
  • Date Rape;
  • Statutory Rape;
  • Sexual Assault;
  • Sexual Battery;
  • Internet Sex Crimes;
  • Human Trafficking;
  • Indecent Exposure;
  • Prostitution;
  • Solicitation of Prostitution;
  • Sexual Abuse;
  • Incest;
  • Sex with Animals;
  • Avoiding Registration as Sex Offender.

We will seek to have the charges dropped, reduced, negotiate a plea which includes probation instead of jail or prison time, and when necessary, aggressively fight for your rights and freedoms at trial.

In order for the prosecution to obtain a conviction for a sexual offense crime, they must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you committed the crime (or crimes) you are being tried for. We will put every piece of evidence under a microscope, as well as the actions of law enforcement as they pertain to your case in an effort to prove your innocence or show the jury and/or judge that reasonable doubt of your guilt does in fact exist.

When charged with a Misdemeanor Crime it is important to be made fully aware of your legal rights, defense strategies, and to have aggressive, detailed, and dedicated criminal defense legal representation in your corner. Hiring an experienced misdemeanor charge defense attorney may provide you the best opportunity to achieve your desired outcome, or a fair and reasonable resolution.