While misdemeanor crime convictions do not carry punishments as severe as felony convictions, the potential for a misdemeanor conviction still has the potential to follow you for the rest of your life. In any situation that a background check is conducted or where you must divulge any criminal past, your conviction may play a role not being able to obtain some of your life goals. Some of the areas of your life that could be affected by a criminal history may include educational, housing, or employment opportunities.

In the State of Florida there are two degrees of a misdemeanor crime:

  • Second Degree Misdemeanor: punishable by up to a $500 fine, sixty (60) days jail and/or 6 months probation;
  • First Degree Misdemeanor: punishable by up to a $1000 fine, twelve (12) months jail and/or probation.

Attorney, John Gillespie will listen to your story and inform you of your legal rights, options, and potential defense strategies. If you choose to retain Mr. Gillespie to represent your legal rights and freedoms, he will thoroughly investigate and review the facts of your case, seek to have your charges dropped, reduced, or attempt to negotiate an acceptable plea bargain on your behalf, and when a trial is unavoidable Mr. Gillespie will aggressively defend you in the courtroom.

In order for the prosecution to obtain a conviction for a misdemeanor criminal charge they must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you committed the crime (or crimes) you are being tried for. We will put every piece of evidence under a microscope, as well as the actions of law enforcement as they pertain to your case in an effort to prove your innocence or show the jury and/or judge that reasonable doubt of your guilt does in fact exist.

Common Misdemeanor charges may include, but are not limited to:

  • Simple Assault or Battery
  • Boating under the influence
  • Criminal Mischief
  • DUI
  • Disorderly Conduct
  • Some Domestic Violence Charges
  • Driving with a Suspended License
  • Certain Lewd & Lascivious Acts
  • Loitering and Prowling
  • Minor in Possession of Alcohol
  • Possession of Marijuana or Drug Paraphernalia
  • Disorderly Conduct
  • Prostitution / Solicitation
  • Resisting an Officer without Violence
  • Ticket Scalping
  • Theft (Petit)
  • Unauthorized Sale of Alcohol.

When charged with a Felony Crime it is important to be made fully aware of your legal rights, defense strategies, and to have aggressive, detailed, and dedicated criminal defense legal representation in your corner. Hiring an experienced felony charge defense attorney may provide you the best opportunity to achieve your desired outcome, or a fair and reasonable resolution.