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Child Support, as with all family law issues, can be very complicated, which are best represented with the assistance and guidance of an Orlando Child Support Attorney - Lawyer. These types of cases should also be handled in a delicate manner, and with the utmost discretion.

Child Support is payment from one spouse to another for support of the children after a divorce or separation. Normally, child support stops when a child turns 18 years old, unless the child is still a full-time student. Child support cannot be discharged in bankruptcy and is not considered as income by the receiving parent or as a tax deduction by the paying parent.

The federal government requires all states to adopt child support guidelines. Generally, the formula includes taking into consideration:

The result of the computation is called the "child support amount", which can be adjusted by the court based on several unusual items.

When Does Child Support End?

The state of the law is that child support will end when a child turns 18, age 19 if still enrolled in high school and expected to graduate, marries, dies or is otherwise emancipated. There is no obligation to pay child support through college.

Who has to pay Child Support?

Each parent may have a legal duty to pay child support. The child support guidelines compute the financial responsibility of each parent taking into consideration respective incomes, out of pocket insurance premiums for the parent and the child(ren), child care expense, and other variables allowed by statute. The traditional non-custodial parent will pay his/her share to the traditional custodial parent who is absorbing the day to day essential expenses of the child that the child support guidelines were enacted to address.

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