The paternity of a child may be established or disestablished years following a divorce or judgment of paternity. Typically speaking, paternity is sought to be established or disputed by a parent once a child has been born out of wedlock, or when there is a claim of infidelity of the mother of the child.

Establishing child paternity is essential in resolving child support, child custody and child visitation issues, as well and resolving paternity disputes. Establishing the paternity of a child is also important because it allows a child to know where they come which provides the opportunity for a child to establish a relationship with each parent.

Identifying paternity of a child also provides the ability to know the medical history of each parent, which helps determine future potential health risks.

Child Paternity identification is often requested by:

  • The mother of the child or unborn fetus;
  • A male who believes a child may be his biological son or daughter resulting from a relationship or even a single sexual encounter with the child's mother;
  • A male who is disputing that a child is his biological son or daughter;
  • The child (him or herself).