In most cases, an accused individual is entitled to a reasonable bond set by the court, which the accused must post with the court in order to be released from jail following arrest on a criminal offense. The amount of bail imposed bail is determine in order to ensure the accused individual does not flee the jurist diction area prior to a case being resolved.

If a court initially denies bond for a crime, the attorney for the accused may then file a motion to set a reasonable bond and set the motion for a bond hearing.

At the bond hearing, the court would consider the nature and seriousness of the charges, the amount of evidence against the accused as a basis for the their arrest and detention, as well as the their ties to the community. The less serious the charges and less extensive the evidence, and the greater the accused individual's ties to the local community, the greater the chance of the court setting a reasonable bond.

Having a knowledgeable and experienced bond hearing attorney making a reasonable legal argument to a judge is the most effective way to convince the courts to impose fair and reasonable monetary levels in regards to bail hearings.